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If you have a problem which is not resolved by any of the answers below please contact us and give as many details as you can about the problem. Please make sure you mention which game you are having trouble with, the device you are running the game on, and full details of any error messages that are displayed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Installing games

'Not a valid application'

Our games are often distributed as installer programs intended to run on a desktop pc. You should run the installer on your desktop computer with the mobile device connected, not copy the installer to the device itself.

Some 'over-the-air' distribution channels do send applications directly to the mobile device. These installers must be run on the mobile device directly and will not run on a desktop pc.

Installing Forest Fire

Please make sure you install Forest Fire to the same drive Strategic Assault was installed to. On the Pocket PC installing to storage card can cause the folders to be renamed, if you see a folder called 'Xen Games Forest Fire' please rename it to 'Forest Fire' and move it inside the 'Xen Games Strategic Assault' folder.

Forest Fire is an expansion pack for Strategic Assault, you need the full registered version of Strategic Assault to play.

Registering games

Game does not start or reports an error


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