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Interstellar Flames for Palm OS 5 released

Interstellar Flames is now available for Palm OS 5 devices. Download a free one level demo or buy the full game.

Success at Handango Champion Awards

Xen Games' Strategic Assault and Interstellar Flames both collected awards at the Handango Partner Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona, as well as a prestigious best developer award for the Symbian platform

Synoptical and Xen Games merge to create the next generation of mobile games

Xen Games has established a reputation as a leading developer of mobile entertainment products on the Pocket PC platform since 2001 and has recently expanded into the emerging smartphone games market. The advanced 3d technology used in Interstellar Flames has pushed the limits of 3d rendering on mobile devices.

Synoptical's work on mobile 3d rendering technologies has lead to the development of 4Sight, a cross platform high performance gaming engine. The technology will be used in the upcoming first person shooter Gang Warfare.

This merger will allow us to combine our technology and experience to continue developing the highest quality mobile games across a wide range of mobile devices.

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